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Kurtis Kolt's Hottest Wines; Parlour Menu Tasting; Uva Cherry Liqueur Special: Tonight

Photo via Wildebeest]
Photo via Wildebeest]

YALETOWN— Check out Eater Columnist, Kurtis Kolt tomorrow night at the Vancouver Home and Design show where he'll be sharing the hottest wines for fall. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWN — Lauren Mote is hosting a special cherry liqueur night at Uva Wine Bar this evening with Heering Brand Ambassador Peter Vestinos to celebrate the return of the legendary Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur to Vancouver. Lauren has crafted a variety of classic and contemporary Cherry Heering cocktails, which will all be available tonight for only $8. [Eaterwire]

YALETOWN— Book ahead to reserve seats for Monday night's Parlour Menu Tasting as part of the Taste of Yaletown event. Free menu tastings are planned for 5.15-6.15p.m. and again at 6.45-7.45p.m. The menu tasting will showcase current favourites and new items paired with a beer/wine option. Space is limited, call The Parlour at (604) 568-3322 to RSVP. [Eaterwire]