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This Means War: Kits Bike Path Protest Is Happening; Paragon's Mega Resort Has Some Mega (Negative) Reactions; More!

This week's top stories over at Curbed Vancouver.

THIS MEANS WAR: Kitsilano residents aren't pleased with the recently approved bike path and are planning a rally this weekend. Oh ya, and they renamed it the "war path." Creative. And not dramatic at all.

ON THE MARKET: This loft is built in a former candy factory. Sweet!

INSTA-REACTS: What are people saying about Paragon's proposed mega resort?

WATERFRONT LIVING: $579K buys a home literally on the water. Floating homes are cool.

ON THE LUXURY MARKET: British style phone booth (sadly) not included with this stunning West Van home.

DEVELOPMENT UPDATE-O-RAMA: Is Concord the busiest developer in the city? All signs point to yes.