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New Hawksworth Restaurant Will Open in 2015

Photo via Hawksworth

Chef David Hawksworth confirmed last night that he is expanding his culinary empire with a second Vancouver restaurant to open in 2015. Inspired by his recent visit to New York to cook at James Beard House he told Eater:

"I have a place already lined up, no, I can't tell you where and I'm not going to say what neighbourhood either. What kind of food? Good food! (Laughs uproariously). In New York, we went to a couple of 2 and 3 star restaurants and I got a different idea for one private room in the part of the restaurant that'll be shaped more or less like this (waves at the Hawksworth Cocktail Bar). It'll have servers behind and a bit of a kitchen, basically like a bar situation."

Which restaurants most inspired you?
Atera was very nice, I thought that was the most interesting I've seen in a long time. Solid cooking, it must have been like 25 courses, the first 8 or 9 were like all with your fingers, it comes in a mason jar, there's like sand and twigs and a few things... fun stuff like that. But we ate in a lot of restaurants while we were there, we went to Per Se and to Shake Shake.
So burgers?
Yeah, a burger, hahahahah! (Laughs even more), no, no - not really.
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