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What Is the Best Hangover Cure in Vancouver

Photo via Wildebeest - possibly where your hangover came from?

Sounding the KLAXON for all booze hounds: Hangover Power Hour is ON! For the next hour Eater will be blasting you with hangover cures from the city's top chefs and bartenders, but we also want to hear your nominations for the Best Hangover Cure in Vancouver.

Is it a fat bowl of Kintaro Ramen? A heaped plate of La Belle Patate poutine? Or a kill or cure bacon-infused double Caesar? Maybe you head for a paddleboard around Stanley Park or crawl into Brandi's to keep on drinking, we want to know.
Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments.
And keep those cures coming - we kind of need 'em. Too. Much. Fun.