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Mia Stainsby: Waffle Fan

Photo via Sean Neild

"Specialty waffle restaurants are at critical mass, and you know it when McDonald's is testing out sales of waffles with chicken at one California outlet." That's the premise for Vancouver Sun's Mia Stainsby this week as she goes on an exhaustive hunt for waffles - sweet and savoury - across the city. Stainsby fans on the lookout for her quirky animal asides will be disappointed. No waffling this week, instead she cuts straight to the chase with a tasty round-up of the Vancouver Waffle Scene (yup, that's a thing).

Stainsby checks out the city's food trucks and finds "...three packing waffle irons" then heads indoors to the various waffle restaurants around town. From Miura Milk Waffle Bar in the West End which she wrote about previously who:

Serve waffle "sandos" (sandwiches), a post-modern take (or a Japanese couple's understanding of waffles). ...They've closed their beginner waffle bar and will soon be graduating to bigger, more modern digs on Main St.

Then to the main focus of the piece, the Nero Belgian Waffle Bar.

One of the more recent spots, and it proves that waffles aren't just for breakfast and brunch. They see a lot of demand in the late evening (they're open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays) when appetites start clamouring for a refill.
The young couple who opened Nero would rather do it the traditional Belgian way... but they've deviated to satisfy this city's need for food adventure and have added some savoury waffle items.

Ending with a comprehensive round-up of where to buy take-home waffles so you can waffle-up at home, be in no doubt: Mia Stainsby really likes waffles

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