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Eggnog Madness Hits Vancouver; Bittered Sling Bistro Announce Dates

Photo via Twitter/@KateBaxter

ALL OVER THE DAMN CITY— Vancouver has gone to DEFCON 1 over early eggnog sightings in the city's supermarkets. @VIAwesome is whipping Rain City inhabitants into a heightened state of 'nog mania. [Twitter]

NEW WEST— Angus An's Longtail Kitchen has "finally" had its liquor license approved. The team gleefully tweeted earlier, "Stay tuned for drinks to hit our menu, along with our Fall menu changes soon." [Twitter]

OLYMPIC VILLAGE— Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovance's Bittered Sling Bistro have announced two more dates of their popular cocktail pairings night at Legacy Liquor. The 'Heavy Metal Monks' sessions are led by bartenders Shawn Soole of Victoria's Little Jumbo on Tuesday October 15 and J.S. Dupuis of Homer St. Cafe and Tableau on October 29. [Eaterwire]

Longtail Kitchen

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