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Hawksworth Cocktail Bar Only Place in Canada to taste Ultra-Rare $30,000 Cognac

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Photo via Hawksworth

Start saving; in November the Hawksworth cocktail bar will be the only place in Canada where you'll be able to taste Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 cognac which retails at around $25,000 UPDATE: $30,000 a bottle. Unlike other Rémy Martin cognacs this isn't blended and it's only the second time in the company's 140 year history that a single barrel has been selected from the cellars which reflects an "astonishing richness and intensity of flavours."

Retailing for around $1100 a shot UPDATE: sorry - turns out that is $1600 and no, that is not a typo there are only 26 shots in each bottle. Hawksworth head bartender Cooper Tardivel told Eater: "

It's like a snapshot in time of that particular cognac's life; it's not going to be diluted or blended - it won't be aged any more. You're getting a cognac that's an experience - you'll only ever have this once - you cannot replicate it. There are about 738 bottles, Canada got two, one went to a private buyer in Montreal and we get the other one, so if you're in Canada and you want to buy or see this you have to come here. We'll be selling it by the ounce and we're looking at offering by the half ounce
For $550 $800?(UPDATE: What the?! It's actually so much more - Eater)
"Yeah. It'll be a steal! (Laughs)."

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