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Reason #1,244,574 Why Chip Wilson Is Awesome; Vancouver's Spookiest Places Mapped; More!

\Now the latest from Curbed Vancouver, a neighbourhoods and real estate blog:
RAINBOW WATCH: The future of the West End looks delightfully colourful as seen from the draft community plan.
CREEPY MAP THING: In honour of the best day of the year (Halloween of course), we've mapped the spookiest places across Vancouver.
ADVENTURES IN EXTERIOR DESIGN: Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson, has commissioned six well known local graffiti artists to decorate a 200 foot wall outside his 'concrete palace.' Awesome.

ON THE LUXURY MARKET: Vancouver's largest estate property has a ton of character and old world charm. It also sits on 4.25 acres of land (!) so you'd better hire a good landscaper (or ten).
PHOTO OF THE DAY: An image to show what Stanley Park would look like if it was a supremely over developed cluster of high rise towers.
MICRO-DWELLING: $25K buys this 100 square foot micro home that claims it's portable and 'easy to assemble at home.' Really.