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Vegan Restaurant Draws Praise and Pouts

Photo via Graze

Mia Stainsby visits Graze on Fraser Street this week, giving it a 3.5 overall star rating out of 5. The all-vegan or "plant-based eater" restaurant, as owner Michael Lyons prefers to call it, wins praise for its pot pie pastry which "isn't flaky but it has a nice crunch and it's light" and a miso beet broth which "tasted of health and goodness."
However Stainsby's gluten-free dining companion found plenty to pout about over a Safrillo stew which "...needs a tweak, or should I say a makeover? Quarters of grilled red pepper weren't well grilled and the presentation was something of a mess. "Meh!" my partner said. "Meh!" I repeated." But in typical Stainsby nice-as-pie style she still finds something to praise, "the spicing was deep and soulful."

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