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Cover Your Eyes! Gastown's Naked Bartenders Are Back

Photo via Gastown Bartenders Charity Calendar: Ryan and Tommy from the Warehouse

Excellent news for those of you who have been wondering what happened to that Naked Gastown Bartenders calendar that we wrote about last month. The Calendars are on sale at your favourite Gastown locations for $20, 100% of which goes to the B.C./Yukon Breast Cancer Foundation and the BC Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Organiser Sean Hewlett emailed Eater and told us that

The reaction from Vancouverites has been overwhelmingly positive! Amusement, curiosity and a healthy amount of shock at seeing these barmen so "exposed" Our calendars are being picked up by friends, family, customers, and people who simply want to support a great cause. There's even been a large order (or two) from corporate offices downtown to "brighten" up the work place.


The Calendars can be found at the following locations with each bartender (presumably not naked.)

Cover: Jared Fontaine - Keefer
Mr. January: Robert James Friend - Bambudda
Mr. February: Sean Hewlett - Bambudda
Mr. March: Liam Ford - The Portside Pub
Mr. April: Lenny Mclelland - The Metropole
Mr. May: Ryan CM & Tommy Grier - The Warehouse
Mr. June: Ryan Alexander Warnock - Rodney's Oyster House Gastown
Mr. July: Robyn Gray - Pidgin
Mr. August: Scott Marshall - Revel Room
Mr. September: Zach Wheeler - The Lamplighter
Mr. October: Nelson Ray - Pidgin/The Portside Pub
Mr. November: Sean McGuigan - Clough Club/ UVA Wine Bar
Mr. December: Connor Gotoweic - Clough Club

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