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Joe Fortes Chef Wayne Sych Talks Burgers and Dense Buns

Wayne Sych is chef at Joe Fortes and is a self-confessed burger fan on a mission to try as many as possible. He sat down to share with Eater his current favourite burger joints around town.
[Photo via Joe Fortes]

So where's your favourite place right now?
For me I love Modern Burger, it's just simple and I like a simple burger; simple sauces, field mushrooms, things like that. It's a burger-burger, really old-school and even the ambiance there is like a diner. I'll admit it, even McDonalds - they might be garbage for you but no one can deny the flavour of a McDonald's cheeseburger or quarterpounder. That's what we grew up on, right?

What about a more up-scale version?
For something a little more sophisticated I'd say Stackhouse which is definitely more chef-inspired, so garlic aioli for their fries not just ketchup. I like their bun, it's more of a ciabatta and it's really good. I like that their burgers are really clean - there's no grease on the plate, it doesn't drip everywhere it's kind of refined. Another of my chef-inspired places is Roma's; so more wild mushrooms, porcini, aioli, and a brioche bun. I'm not a big fan of brioche on a burger I just find it too granular. I like more a denser bun than a soft one.

And if you just have to have that dirty-burger experience?
Probably a Vera's but I've not been for a while, but there is a place in Penticton called Burger 55 now that is a dirty burger. It's like, crazy - you get a clipboard and you check off what you want - double the mayo, double the bacon - whatever - they do whatever you want. Out comes your burger and wow, it's in like an old gas station, it's so cool.

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