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Will you be Eating McDonald's Poutine? Vote Now.

Photo via Sean Neild/Sean's Adventures in Flavortown

Poutine; it's the classic French-Canadian late night snack/hangover-dodging silver bullet, crisp french fries in a rich gravy with 'squeaky' cheese curds. Attracting legions of passionate fans and equally passionate haters, Poutine is one of those love it/loathe it things. As of this week it's now on sale across Canada in McDonald's, predictably, reactions have been divided. McDonald's call it a "box of deliciousness" so, will you be tucking in?

What do you think about the McDonaldsisation (yeah, it's a word) of Poutine? Drop us a line or leave a comment. Our poll will be open till the end of the week. Vote now and let us know if you're McLovin' it or McLoathin' it.

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