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Mamie Taylor's Great Wall of Chinatown

If you follow Mamie Taylor's on Instagram or Twitter you'll see regular mentions of their Great Wall of Chinatown; their bold green wall covered in engagingly quirky pictures. Co-owners Ron Oliver and Simon Kaulback explain.

We decided that our bar was going to be painted green so we put out to the community: we have a big wall with nothing on it, so bring us your pictures. Send us that photo of your great aunt riding a toboggan down a hill smoking a cigar!

When you come in you'll see a big fellow on the wall who was known as the 'Philandering Professor of UBC.' He lost his tenure for having an affair with another department head. He now lives abroad, but his thing is giving portraits of himself to people as gifts. This was given to someone and they bought it to us. One of the pretty ladies we have is one of our staff's grandmother on her wedding day. But it's not just portraits; we have eagles that are cross-stitched, woodpeckers - all from people in the neighbourhood. One of my favourites is the jive turkey plate, we found it and thought it was awesome.

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