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Tonight: Sauternes Education; Kits Tourtière Panic

Photo via Hapa Izakaya

SOUTH CAMBIE— Join Sid and Joan Cross at the 39th & Cambie Signature Tasting Room to learn more about Sauternes, the sweet Bordeaux wine, and discover that it's not just for dessert. This is a sit-down pairing with savoury dishes like pork tenderloin and five-spice chicken and you'll taste eight top Sauternes including 2007 Raymond Lafon and 2009 Guiraud. Tickets are $30 and there are still a few available. Call 604 660 9463 to check availability for this event which starts at 5pm TONIGHT. [Eaterwire]

KITSILANO— Game Fans! Les Amis du Fromage have put a warning out that their popular Tourtière is selling out fast. If you want one of their popular pies this holiday season, get over to their store soon. They don't expect supplies to least till Christmas. [Twitter]