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Chip Wilson Buys $32M Building; West Van Mega-Mansion; Candy Canes & Loonies

Now the latest from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver:
[Photo via Imgur]

ON THE LUXURY MARKET: Modest and subtle are not words used to describe this extravagant home.

SOLD STUFF: Former Lululemon CEO, Chip Wilson, buys a $32 million commercial building. No big deal.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Spotted on the streets of Vancouver, candy canes & loonies taped to parking meters. Santa, we know it's you. Show yourself.

WHAT'S IN A NAME?: A new Downtown Eastside library needs a name and the Vancouver Public Library has asked the public to help determine said name. Is it going to be Cherry Blossom Library? Crabtree Corner? Fortunately, the public gets a say.

Our super official poll asking readers if the Paragon's resort style casino, the potential future home of the Edgewater Casino, should be approved. Surprisingly, the majority of readers said yes.