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Chef Trevor Bird's Fable Airmiles Dinner; East Van Roasters Celebrate New Grinder

Photo via Le Parisien

KITSILANO— A little way off, but this is likely to be a sell-out. Fable is hosting an Airmiles Rewards four course dinner on January 30 with wine pairings from the Okanagan's Liquidity wines. Tickets are $210 or 1925 air miles. Chef Trevor Bird will be discussing each course and wine maker Matt Holmes will talk guests through each pairing. [Eaterwire]

EAST VAN— Thanks to generous donations, East Van Roasters is celebrating Christmas early with a new grinder that arrived today. The newest social enterprise to come out of the PHS Community Services Society makes 'bean-to-bar' chocolate and also roasts coffee on site. Providing essential back-to-work training and employment for the women from the Rainier Hostel, if you're looking for stocking stuffers that taste great and do good - look no further. [Eaterwire]


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