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Friends of Eater Name This Year's Best Newcomer

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Photo via Blue Water Cafe

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered Best Standbys. Now it's time for best newcomers.

Alexandra Gill, Vancouver Restaurant Critic for the Globe & Mail.
"Farmer's Apprentice. Burdock & Co. was a very close second, but I do appreciate being able to make reservations."

Anya Levykh, CBC correspondent and food writer.
"Tie between David Gunawan's Farmer's Apprentice and Andrea Carlson's Burdock & Co."

Sean Neild, Sean's Adventures in Flavortown
"Tuc Craft Kitchen."
Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun restaurant critic and food writer.
"It's a rumble. I liked Farmer's Apprentice, Pidgin and Burdock, when considering an elevated level of food, the ambience and the service. If I were to go out tonight and went with my gut, I'd head for Farmer's Apprentice. A nice balance of intimate and casual, yet sophisticated. The food's innovative but under control. And I love their Inu puppy and David's wife's cute dresses."

Andrew Morrison, is the editor & publisher of Scout.
" I'm still undecided. I'm taking second looks at Burdock & Co., Homer St. Cafe, Pidgin, Farmer's Apprentice, Bistro Wagon Rouge - I'm working on my own list with a few days to go."

Coleen Christie, is the anchor of CTV News week nights.
"Beaucoup Bakery"

Stephanie Yuen, seasoned food & travel journalist for both English and Chinese print and online publications.
"Seventeen89 on Denman"

Carolyn Ali, Travel/ food editor for Vancouver's Georgia Straight.
"Miku for doing the waterfront location justice, Homer St Café for creating such a knock-em-dead room."

Joanne Sasvari, Writer and Editor of FLAVOURS magazine.
"Tossup between Burdock & Co. and Pidgin. Very different styles, but fresh and exciting flavours at both."

Lee Man, a regular contributor to Urban Diner and a judge for the Vancouver Magazine annual restaurant awards.
"Farmer's Apprentice - the food is innovative and smart - but also firmly grounded in natural flavors and presentation.  Simply delicious."

Eagranie Yuh, writer, author and chocolate expert.
"Longtail Kitchen, at River Market in New Westminster. It's refreshing to see cool stuff happening outside of Vancouver proper, and the food is fantastic, not to mention affordable."

Sherman's Food Adventures:
"Tuc Craft Kitchen - well-priced and just plain delicious."

Mijune Pak,
"Hmmm there were so many great restaurants this year and I haven't even had time to try them all out, but I think Burdock & Co. opened at the right place, at the right time, with the right chef. 
Oh and I almost forgot about GoodWolfe. That was exciting for Yaletown."