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Friends of Eater Offer 2014 Headline Predictions

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As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. We've already covered Best Standbys, Top Newcomers, Best Dining Neighbourhood, 2013 in One Word, and the Biggest Dining Surprises of the year, and the Best Meals of the Year. Now, headline predictions for 2014:
[Photo via The Roof at Black & Blue]

Mijune Pak,
"Cactus Club opens another location, but this time not in a prime location of downtown"
"New restaurant! Dress code: tattoos... temporary ones accepted, but frowned upon"
"Another restaurant closes due to incredibly high rent and having to make affordable food because people in the city can't afford higher prices because most are underpaid living paycheque by paycheque, but still wanting to live a "downtown lifestyle".
"One of Vancouver's favourite restaurants to close its doors. Sold to developers."
"New sushi joint!" .... oh never mind, that would never make a headline. "

Andrew Morrison, is the editor & publisher of Scout.
"Anti-gentrification protestors grow brains, target real estate developers and marketers instead of small businesses" and "Yelp users review themselves, then explode". 

Alexandra Gill, Vancouver Restaurant Critic for the Globe & Mail.
"Downtown beginning to look like West Van: Restaurants empty after 8 pm thanks to new happy hour legislation."

Coleen Christie, is the anchor of CTV News week nights.
The trend towards small, casual, creative dining will continue. Food trucks that become brick and mortar show how Vancouver diners choose quality and value over flash.

Anya Levykh, CBC correspondent and food writer.
"It's not a prediciton, just a wish...for someone to open a really good Russian (not Ukrainian) restaurant, but use all sustainable ingredients."

Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun restaurant critic and food writer.
"Cream puffs give macarons and doughnuts the elbow.
Artisanal ice cream market goes nuts."

Stephanie Yuen, seasoned food & travel journalist for both English and Chinese print and online publications.
"Offal, done 'fine-cuisine' style!"

Sean Neild, Sean's Adventures in Flavortown
"In the New Year I predict even more Chefs will be taking the eat local philosophy and applying it to their restaurants like Chef Chris Whittaker of Forage."

Carolyn Ali, Travel/ food editor for Vancouver's Georgia Straight.
"More good restaurants moving even further east into different neighbourhoods."

Joanne Sasvari, Writer and Editor of FLAVOURS magazine.
"Cauliflower replaces kale as trendy veg du jour.
Gluten makes a comeback; bread and pasta all the rage again.
New Chambar becomes city's top hot spot.
Rabbit bounces in as the new white meat."

Lee Man, a regular contributor to Urban Diner and a judge for the Vancouver Magazine annual restaurant awards.
"Sustainable seafood becomes even more important.  Vancouver has always been at the forefront of using local seafood at the height of the season - but sustainability really starts affecting buying decisions. Also look for Shark's Fin bans to come into place in Vancouver and Richmond."

Eagranie Yuh, writer, author and chocolate expert.
"More bakeries and higher-quality bakeries. We're rightly proud of our restaurant scene, and the seriousness with which this city regards baking and sweets is (finally!) catching up."

Sherman's Food Adventures:
"More comfort food, in all shapes and forms."

Cassandra Anderton, Good Life Vancouver .
"Vegetables will become even more important at the table – not vegetarian meals, but meals where meat is not necessarily the only star of the show. People will be more creative at home with preserves, fermentation and cheese making (cooking as a hobby reaches new highs).  Smaller share plates will continue to trend.  Vancouver will see more modern takes on Asian food (restaurants like Bambuddha and Wild Rice).  Ocean Wise, cage free, and farm direct will get more respect as diners and shoppers will continue to pay more attention to providence. Chefs and restaurant owners will start their own blogs slamming food bloggers.  Gastropubs will have to truly create good food to earn the title.  I will finally figure out how to balance calories in with calories out."