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Celebrate the Repeal of USA Prohibition; Secret Supper Soiree Announced 'Under the Sea'

Photo via Bambudda

MYSTERY UNDERWATER LOCATION— Book now to score tickets for the always-sold-out Swallow Tail Secret Supper Soiree which sounds amazing: "dance, taste wine, canapes and a greeting cocktail, along with a scrumptious dinner in 1930s style at two beautiful new under the sea locations." Tickets are $115 + gratuity and tax before December 25th and $129 afterwards. [Eaterwire]

WHISTLER— Just in time for the weekend, Araxi has opened a dedicated oyster bar with a dozen different varieties. You can score a good daily deal from 3-5p.m. they have a platter of 10 oysters for $15 then a daily special from 10pm until midnight. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWN— It's 80 years since the 21st amendment was repealed in the USA and prohibition ended. Uva is celebrating in fine style tonight with a dazzling list of cocktails from Lauren Mote designed to "celebrate the space between the wagon and the floor, and bust the wheels right off. We'll drink to that." [Eaterwire]