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Curbed Cup 2013; What Does $2K Rent Around Vancouver?

Here now, this week's top headlines over at Curbed Vancouver:

CURBED CUP 2013: We're gathering nominations for
Curbed Cup 2013, a bracket-style competition with various Vancouver neighbourhoods going head to head to decide which is victorious. We're comparing development buzz, new restaurant openings, and all around awesomeness that makes a neighbourhood great. This way for more.

CURBED COMPARISONS: This week we discover the best apartment rentals for $2,000 per month. Is a cool Gastown loft your preference? Or is it a spacious renovated West End suite? Find out here.

DEVELOPMENT WATCH: Ambleside is about to get 98 new residential suites as a new residential development has recently been approved.

HELLO WHISTLER: We've got the details on a modern Whistler dream home listed at just under $12 million.