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Summer Re-Up BBQ; Truck Festival

NEW WEST— Make the most of the long Labour Day weekend at River Market in New West this Sunday for the 3rd annual Re-Up BBQ. The entire upper floor of the market will be given over to smoking a whole hog and barbecuing house-made sausages and slow-smoked brisket. Tickets are $45 and include appetizers, dessert, a drink (Parallel 49 beer or Road 13 wine) and "endless smoked meats and treats" from the Re-Up team. [Eaterwire]

FALSE CREEK—Pick from 20 different food carts at the weekly truck festival between Olympic Village and Cambie St Bridge at 215 West 1st . Tickets are $2 and there will be live music, DJs, kids' activities and a community market. Expected trucks include Soho Road, Mom's Grilled Cheese, Mogu, Roaming Dragon, Vij's, Yolks, and Tacofino. [Eaterwire]
[Photo via Photo ReUp BBQ ]