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Bambudda Delights Vancouver Sun

[Image via Bambudda
[Image via Bambudda

Vancouver Sun's Mia Stainsby heads off to Gastown and finds that "Bambudda's food intrigues, surprises, satisfies and in some cases, thrills." Stainsby finds the bison "uber-lovely" and the steamed buns "as good as in any fine Chinese restaurant" but flavours in the hanger steak "could have been intensified" and "some of the pulled pork was mushy".

Modern Chinese connotes small, artfully presented dishes and some of the dishes are that — fine dining in appearance (like the cod with zucchini blossom in a seafood broth) but you're just as likely to be facing a big, bad-ass dish. A recent addition, a noodle dish with shaved Chinese olives and tofu cooked four ways, nearly took us out just as we'd got started. It was a little incongruent with the "modern" look but it'll appease the diners grousing that dishes aren't ample.(Owner) Loy is very much present with the kind of attentive service honed at the city's top-rated restaurants. This time around, it's his own business and he's even more keen to please.

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99 Powell St, Vancouver, BC