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Mamie Taylor's Burger Inspiration: Mcdonalds

Photo via Mamie Taylor's

Chinatown restaurant newcomer's Mamie Taylor's have nailed their colours to the mast and declared that they aim to bag the title for Vancouver's Best Burger.
"When we were going into this that's what we wanted to do. Burger purists are going to say they like this one or another - but for us that's what's we're about." declares Mamie Taylor's Simon Kaulback. Kaulback, co-owner Ron Oliver and chef Tobias Grignon took inspiration for their wannabe-prize-winning patty from an unexpected source:

We took inspiration from the McDonalds cheeseburger. We make the sesame-topped bun fresh in-house every day. We grind our meat in-house every day, a sirloin and brisket blend. We add house-made yellow mustard, white onions, pickles and house-made tomato relish - all the elements that you get on a McDonald's cheeseburger but done in a gourmet style.

We talked about it with Tobias and we don't want house-smoked bacon and avocado or truffle aioli on our burger. No duck, no confit; let's just keep it simple. Let's just take the hamburger that you grew up with, the one that you remember as a kid - the classic cheeseburger - and make it great.

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