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Gastown Gringo Names the Date

Photo via Gringo/Facebook

The Gastown Gazette has an interview with the crew behind the new Mexican "LA street food" restaurant Gringo is set to open on Tuesday October 1. Situated where Judas Goat used to be in Blood Alley this is a collaboration between ex-Heather Hospitality Group barman Shoel Davidson, Christina Cottell and Two Chefs and a Table catering owner Karl Gregg (no - not that one) with a commissary kitchen at the Two Chefs Richmond location so that freshly prepared food will be delivered daily to Gringo.

In an interview in the Gastown Gazette, Christina and Shoel said:

The concept for Gringo is relatively simple, down-to-earth and fun. "We want to be a restaurant in Gastown, not a Gastown restaurant." Christina said. "We're looking to inject some fun and good times into Blood Alley! We don't serve wine.
Gringo is packed tightly into 391 square feet and has a large sliding glass wall that looks onto the Blood Alley courtyard. The menu will feature Mexican "LA street food" and value priced drinks in a "come as you are" atmosphere. "We're going to have a shake-and-dump cocktail program... We don't intend to take ourselves seriously. We are purposefully tongue in cheek. We want people to come down, meet their friends, grab a drink and a taco and leave with some money in their pocket."

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