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Chinese New Year Brunch; Farmacie with Trevor Bird

Photo via Raincity Grill

GRANDVIEW WOODLANDS— Farmacie is back on January 31 for another long table dinner, this time at the Quest Food Exchange, with proceeds going to Quest and Backpack Buddies. Trevor Bird of Fable will be cooking alongside Marika Richoz and others. "The meal will be served family style and remain sensitive to all dietary needs. Although we've taken this party inside, backyard chic is still what the night calls for so come prepared to dance." Tickets are $100 + eventbrite fee and include all food and drink for the evening. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWN— Celebrate Chinese New Year with brunch at the Pan Pacific on Sunday February 2. On the menu, traditional and modern takes on foods which represent long life, wealth, strength, happiness and luck. Tickets are $52 Per Person + tax and include all food and entertainment - including chocolate dipped fortune cookies. [Eaterwire]


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