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Lights! Camera! Cowbell!; Curbed Comparisons; More!

Now the latest neighbourhood and real estate news from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver:
LIGHTS! CAMERA! COWBELL!: Residents are growing tired of the Fifty Shades of Grey filming in Gastown and have resorted to using creative methods to disrupt filming. Check out the details here.

UNDER $500K CLUB: Ahhh, home ownership in Vancouver - It's awfully expensive. We found this place in the Koret Lofts building with a ton of historical charm and the price won't make you any less cynical about Vancouver real estate than you already are.

CURBED COMPARISONS: What does $1,700 rent across various neighbourhoods in Vancouver? Find out here.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: The Vancouver Art Gallery is still facing a $150 million fundraising hurdle. Can they get the funds needed for their 300,000 square foot relocation site?

COOL PHOTO THING: Local photographer captures some pretty great shots of stationary movement across Vancouver. Do have a look.