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Mapping The Office Tower Boom; Brentwood Mall Mega-Redevelopment Plans; More!

Now the latest from Curbed Vancouver:
COOL MAP THING: With all these downtown office towers currently under construction (and many more getting approved weekly), it certainly has become a challenge to keep track of them all - look no further, we've mapped all projects currently being built, including those that have recently been completed. You're welcome.

CONSTRUCTION WATCH: We've got some exclusive images of the construction chaos happening at the Pacific Centre redevelopment.

CORNERSPOTTER: Pretty crazy to think one of downtown Vancouver's busiest streets used to look like this. Can you guess where it is?

ON THE MARKET: Is this Gastown apartment Carrie Bradshaw's and Oscar de la Renta's love child? According to the brokerbabble, the answer is yes.

DEVELOPMENT WATCH: Brentwood Mall has some mega-redevelopment plans which include ten towers to be built over the next twenty years. No big deal.