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Scotch Tasting Sign Up; Victoria's Boozy Movies

Photo via The Roof at Black & Blue

VICTORIA— The excellent Art of the Cocktail festival in Victoria acts as a fund-raiser for the annual film festival, so it's no surprise that this year three special booze-soaked movie events are on offer in the 'Sips Series'. " With each Sips, you will enjoy animated talks and discussion on the film presented with the Victoria Film Festival's very own Programmer, Donovan Aikman. Advance tickets only. Ticket Price includes the film, wine, whiskey or beer tasting and food." [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWN: The Terminal City Club is hosting Raise the Macallan, a complimentary event to introduce Vancouverites to a new series of single malt scotches. You and a plus one will taste the entire 1824 series through a tutored tasting from brand ambassador Dan Volway. The 7-8p.m. tasting has already sold out, so sign up now to one of the the two remaining 60 minute sessions at Eventbrite. [Eaterwire]