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Queues Form at New Downtown Burger285

[Photo via Sean Neild]

A new food truck has opened downtown serving two items: a $2.85 burger and $3.50 cheeseburger. The truck has no name (Yelpers have called it "Hamburger 2.85"), there are no fries, no drinks and you can expect waits of around 20 minutes to get your Teriyaki-topped burger. Bringing comparisons with the early days of Japadog, the Japanese-run cart has whipped Yelpers and Twitter into a state of bargain-priced-burger ecstasy. Maybe it's the rush of scoring a sub-$5 meal downtown, or just the giddy thrill of joining a line or - and let's not totally discount this theory - maybe it's all thanks to Yelper David L who modestly notes: "I suspect this place will get a lot busier in the next few days do to my status as a YELP POWER USER and influencer of the crowds, now that I've reviewed it." Whatever - it looks like Hamburger 2.85 will be pulling queues for weeks to come.

Derek D "It will make you feel like a champion and it only costs $2.85."
Mathieu Y. "If you're coming here for the food, you're missing out on buying in to their philosophy. The 2.85 experience is more about finding the burger cart than it is about consuming the burger."
Todd S "It outperforms Five Guys and it outperforms the majority of Vancouver's "gourmet" burger offerings."
Shaun Layton "Sometimes you just gotta enjoy an awesome ghetto burger. No q's asked, tasted like Shake Shack(not quite) w Teryaki mayo."
@seanorr @TrendsVancouver WHY IS BURGER 2.85 NOT TRENDING??? #burger285

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