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Sneaky Snapper Seeks Van Sun's Stainsby

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[Photo via Shutterstock]

Oh so many questions raised from a conversation with a freelance photographer at the Vancouver Wine Festival launch last night who claimed he had been offered $2000 to track down the Vancouver Sun's Mia Stainsby and photograph her - thus unmasking her and destroying her long-held position as anonymous restaurant critic.

Setting aside, for a moment, the ethics and personal moral code of someone pondering going out of their way to potentially destroy someone's career (way to keep it classy, dude), we have to wonder: who on earth would publish this - and why? And seriously? $2000?

Our take on this? One too many pours of the complimentary bubbly for the would-be-sneaky-snapper, but let us know:what do you think?
Do people want Mia un-masked? Does it even matter if you're anonymous as a restaurant critic? Or should this wannabe paparazzi just leave well alone?