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Take That: Mia Stainsby Posts Photo of Herself Online

[Photo via Mia Stainsby - Could this be her hand!?]

Clearly amused by the hapless wannabe-pap who threatened to un-mask her, the Vancouver Sun's Mia Stainsby tweeted

Hey, freelance photographer in question -- step up! 'sup? Should I wear my shades?
Following that up last night with:
In a cruel and Where's Waldo kind of way, I posted a photo of myself, back view, buried in a blog post 2day. :)

Indeed she has: see if YOU can spot Mia.

The Globe & Mail's Alexandra Gill weighed in on the debate on Twitter: saying

Anonymity has always been a charade. Impossible to maintain in the digital age. Mia's picture may not be out there -- kudos to her. But everyone knows who she is. Even I've recognized her. That said the $2000 prize is just plain silly. Give it to charity.

Opinion so far from Eater readers seems to be split on whether anonymity is a good or bad thing, but so far, everyone agrees that "...the person trying to out her for a measly $2000 seems petty and bitter."

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