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The Future Of North Van Waterfront; Umbrella Watch

Now the latest from our friends over at Curbed Vancouver, a neighbourhoods and real estate blog:
UMBRELLA WATCH: Spotted on the Spanish Banks seawall this week, red umbrellas suspended from some gloomy looking trees. Who is responsible for this stunning display? We have all the details.

MINDBOGGLING REVEALS: Ferris wheels. Outdoor ice rink. Street vendors. All around awesomness. Is this the future of the North Vancouver shipyards?

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Onni announces plans to basically create a new neighbourhood dubbed Southeast False Creek Flats. That's a mouthful.

SOLD STUFF: This suite located in the Tribeca Lofts building in Yaletown hit the market and left the market all in a 24 hour time period. We got the details here.