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Green Eggs & Ham at Notturno; Van Gin Soc. Dates

Photo Shameful Tiki Room

GASTOWN — H at Notturno has a brand new cocktail list for February with delights such as a Green Eggs and Ham (with Green Chartreuse, whole egg and bacon salt) and a Widow's Kiss (Calvados, Benedictine and bitters). [Facebook]

DTES — A date change for the Vancouver Urban Winery Sunday School: the April 20 event has been pushed forward to April 13 to not interfere with the long weekend. [Facebook]

STRATHCONA — Calling all gin fans! The Vancouver Gin Society has a couple of members-only tasting events coming up including a blind tasting at TUC Craft Kitchen and 'Ginovation' on March 1st when members can taste craft distilled gins from the west coast from B.C down to Oregon. [Eaterwire]

Vancouver Urban Winery

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