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Top Chef Canada Statement

After causing a ruckus on social media with their posters advertising the latest season of Top Chef Canada, which airs this evening, the Food Network have responded:

The fourth season of Top Chef Canada showcases the Nation's best chefs and, for the first time ever, an even number of men and women face off in a culinary battle of the sexes that challenges them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Food Network Canada's marketing campaign plays on this year's theme by using two opposing posters. One showcasing the male competitors and the other featuring the female competitors – both teasing the battle of the sexes angle.
The competition may start with men vs. women, but in the end the person with the strongest kitchen skills will be named Canada's Top Chef!

Do you think the strapline of "Is that all you got boys?" sends the same message as "This kitchen is no place for a woman"? Let us know on our Equal Opportunities 100% confidential tipline or drop a note to
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