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Top Chef Canada in 'WTF?' Poster Campaign

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In a classy move, the Food Network have installed Top Chef Canada ads in men's washrooms with the slogan 'This kitchen is no place for a woman'. Leaving aside the troubling implications of plastering men's bathrooms with sexist messages about women, let's just take a moment to applaud the timing of this, 24 hours after International Women's Day. High-five, Team Marketing!
Top Chef Canada explained via Twitter that this is all a play on the show's 'Battle of the Sexes' theme this year, but it seems someone misheard 'sexes' for 'sexist.' Causing a stir on social media, with calls for a boycott of the show, it seems that if Top Chef were hoping this would be a hilarious piece of tongue-in-cheek pseudo-sexist high-jinks they likely picked the wrong decade to pull this kind of stunt.
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[Photo via Lauren Mote/Facebook]