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Eater Hires Three Full-Time Restaurant Reviewers - With Dining Budgets. Hello Sutton, Sietsema & Addison

For the first time ever, Eater is welcoming three full-time professional restaurant critics into our ranks. Say hello Ryan Sutton, the longtime Bloomberg food critic, Eater NY contributor and former Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema, and Bill Addison, the acclaimed Atlanta Magazine restaurant critic and dining editor.

Sutton and Sietsema will be based in New York and Addison will travel the country as roving Restaurant Editor. Follow Eater's newest additions at @robertsietsema, @BillAddison, and @qualityrye, and read more about all three critics at Eater National.
More good things are ahead: Keep your eyes peeled for additional Eater news and changes in the coming months, including a website redesign.