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Main Street Love From City Critics

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Photo via Yelp/Dima.Y

City critics keep it simple this week heading up to Main Street to check out the Fish Counter and Don't Argue! pizzeria. First up, it's another week of happy eating for Alexandra Gill, she has no complaints at Robert Clark's Fish Counter declaring the food "simple... very good." Crispy cod tacos are "a definite lip-smacker", a wild harvested salmonito is " a richly creamy yet brightly tangy finger-licking drippy mess" and the oyster po'boy with a "funky cabbage kimchi" is the most "chef-driven dish" with a horseradish-wasabi mayonnaise giving it a "a silky, buttery mouth feel".
Although La Gill isn't sure she'd "schlep all the way across town to dine there or buy fish"she asks, "wouldn't it be nice to have a Fish Counter in every neighbourhood?"

Staying on Main Street, Anya Levykh heads to Don't Argue! pizzeria and find dough "closer to New York than anything" and sauce "minimalist in the extreme. Tomatoes, salt, that's it." Levykh likes "pairings like pesto ricotta work very well" and her daughter "fell in love with their cheese with mushroom added — simple, salty and tasty." However, "Sausage and kale was delicious, but inconsistent; one night the sausage was the clear star another night it was all about the kale."
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