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UPDATE: PiDGiN Vs Momofuko Tiger Beer Challenge

Vancouver city pride is on the line; currently PiDGiN hold the proud title of being the bar that has sold most Tiger beer on the west coast - alas - they are second in Canada, to David Chang's Momofuko in Toronto. Manager Brandon Grossutti mournfully confided to Eater last night (as he valiantly cracked open another can) that his staff can only do (and drink) so much - Vancouverites need to come on board to drink more $5 tall Tiger cans so Toronto can be crushed in the Who Drinks Most Beer game.
UPDATE: Alas... seems some rivalries are more manufactured than others. PiDGiN contacted us earlier to tell us they were teasing; the beer war is off and we can all go back to concentrating on loathing the Leafs. However - one of the kitchen team tweeted earlier that Tiger should consider kitchen sponsorship for all the $5 cans they are putting away...Maybe the Momofuko team want a contest after all?
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