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Community Pizzeria: Real Wood-Fired Pizza From a Truck

To celebrate Pizza Week 2014, Eater Vancouver editor Nikki Bayley headed off to spend time learning about making pizza with Community Pizzeria's Michael Paul and Chef Alex Tung.

Community Pizzeria Inc. make authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in a 900º F wood-fired oven - all from inside a food truck. Each pizza is made to order and cooked for just 60-90 seconds. Ingredients are imported from Italy or locally-sourced from suppliers like organic, free-range butchers Windsor Meats. What? Yes, that's a real axe - wood gets chopped in the back of the truck. Eater's buffalo mozzarella and crispy prosciutto pizza (last photo) will (probably) be available on request... alas, it will not come with the hole in the middle from cack-handed dough handling. These guys are pros. Catch Community at one of the city's Breweries each evening, check their schedule here.

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