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Thanks to Score on Davie, The $60 Roast Chicken Dinner-Garnished Caesar is a Thing Now

Score on Davie is known for its crazy Caesars but they may have taken things as far as they can go with their latest creation, the $60 Checkmate which is garnished with a full roast chicken, Score burger, slider, chicken wings, onion rings, pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog and a brownie for dessert. . We spoke to owner Jesse Ritchie who created the mammoth drink to get the full story.

"I thought this latest Caesar up mainly due to pressure from our customers and online followers.  We are really well known for our Caesars which drink like a meal and how well we execute them, even in our busy times.  There is a photo floating around the internet of a Caesar someone made that has a pizza, a sandwich and a few other things.  A lot of people who follow us online sent us the photos with a challenge so.....Challenge accepted! Hence the name Checkmate.

We made the first one on Wednesday night, put it on the internet on Thursday and were making some that night. It seems hard to balance but it's actually pretty easy, we just use a few skewers and some techniques we've picked up with the heaped-high Caesars we already sell.  My friends and I ate the test one and it was a hit!  The night we made it, the Caesar felt like a celebrity with the entire full bar snapping photos and videos as we put the final pickle on the top! And, yes, you can drink it and it's delicious!"
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