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Eater's Eagranie Yuh's Chocolate Tasting Kit Launch

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[Photo: Jason McRobbie]
A polite ripple of applause please, hell, no, scratch that... wild, unbridled shrieking if you would, for Eater contributor, editor, chocolate educator and now published author, Eagranie Yuh who launched her book, the Chocolate Tasting Kit, published by Chronicle Books, at Xoxolat last week. Guests were treated to chocolates from top-shelf companies around the world, including Amedei (Italy), Askinosie Chocolate (US), Cacao Barry (France), Pralus (France) and Valrhona (France). And of course, there was a slightly teary speech and book signing.

But no need to feel sad and all chocolate-deprived if you missed out; Xoxolat has kits in stock-not to mention plenty of chocolate to go with it and Eagranie has another event at Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks on April 1st and yes - plenty of chocolate will be included.

· Barbara-Jo's Book to Cooks Chocolate Tasting Party [Official Site]