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Naked Chocolate at Edible Canada; Elementa Return

Photo via The Roof at Black & Blue

RAILTOWN— Pop-Up dinner collective, Elementa is back with a third season dinner inspired by the Pacific Northwest. "... experience the transition into spring as interpreted by our culinary team. Focusing on the last of the winter provisions and the first pungent flavours of the season." Tickets are $150 for an all-inclusive eight-course tasting menu with drink pairings, canapes and petit fours. [Eaterwire]

GRANDVIEW WOODLANDS— Now serving proper-sized cocktails (although we bet they'll do those cute mini ones if you ask nicely) and fully open with extended hours, the Odd Society Spirits tasting lounge is open today and Saturday until 9p.m. Drop by for a cocktail after you've put your name down on the wait list at Bistro Wagon Rouge. [Twitter]

GRANVILLE ISLAND— Naked Chocolate is the theme for the Guest Chef Market Dinner at Edible Canada on April 10 with Afke Zonderland. Taste your way through an evening of savoury and sweet "organically grown, minimally processed" foods. Tickets are $80 for this multi-course dinner paired with Canadian beers, wines and spirits. [Eaterwire]