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Double-Dish-ing From City Restaurant Critics

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[Photo Via Nook]

Anya Levykh's weekly restaurant column, The Dish, made its debut this week in the Westender. Wait, the Dish? Just like Globe & Mail columnist Alexandra Gill's The Dish? So: double-dishing this week, first from Anya who hit up the newly-opened Upstairs at Campagnolo to find a "Prohibition style and speakeasy vibe". The corndogs are "super-awesome" and she's delighted to see a return of the "late-lamented Refuel" dirty burger whose "toasted bun and juicy patty (not to mention the secret sauce) were sorely missed" but she "found the cheese gratuitous and longed for the simplicity of the original."

Over to La Gill for Dish number 2 at Nook in Kitsilano which she calls "one of those great neighbourhood restaurants" swooning over "top-notch antipasto, fire-roasted pizza and handmade pasta." Very nearly everything makes Ms Gill happy at Nook, the meatballs are "delicious as always .. moist and bathed in a bright, freshly crushed tomato sauce" with only one gripe the "toasted Calabrese bread under a creamy layer of whipped ricotta, honey and hazelnuts was cold."

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