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WTF Ad of the Day: Servers! Tired of Rude Customers & Bad Management? Why Not Work in Porn?

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It all looks so innocent. A Craigslist ad which, at first glance, seems to be some kind of battle cry for women working in hospitality to organise against skeevy management and handsy customers.

We're not sure when it became ok for restaurants & bars to hire female staff based only on their looks, but assume it was around the time that they started making female employees wear tiny clothes and put up with anything a male customers say or do to them, but it's not ok.
Working in restaurants in Vancouver seems to have less to do with service and more to do with eye candy and flirting every year, all the while you're expected to put up with more and more from the customers, only to be fired if they cross a line and you call them on it.
Right on, we thought, let's all make a stand against this.

If you're going to get paid based on your looks and ability to flirt, then you should be getting paid a lot more
Um, no - surely this isn't about being paid more; it should be about being treated with respect.

So then we clicked to the link and found, not as we'd fondly imagined, some kind of labour rights initiative for women but instead a website that tries to entice young women into well - let's be blunt here - jerking off on camera for strangers online for cash. Because as every girl knows - that is so much less degrading. Are things really that bad in the world of Vancouver hospitality that this is considered a viable alternative? Are grabby, rude customers and unhelpful management really an issue? Tell us on our hotline or leave a comment, or contact our 100% confidential Tipline.
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