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Secret Location Bubble Madness; Ramen Film Feast

Photo via Trattoria

GASTOWN— Pop! Secret Location is opening their patio today and to celebrate are going bubbly crazy. From April 4th-13 they will have a list of 10 specialty mimosas with brunch, a complimentary glass of champagne with lunch, and a five-course tasting menu with complimentary cocktails for a $75 in the evening. [Eaterwire]

YALETOWN— Long Table Distillery have collaborated with one of the Similkameen Valley's best-loved artisan wineries, Clos du Soleil, to create a barrel-aged Marc made from 100% organic BC merlot grapes. What is 'marc'? (We had to ask too) Long Table tell us: "Like brandy or grappa, Marc is a clear, light tasting spirit distilled from refermented pomace – the pulpy grape remains from the first wine pressing – then aged in barrel." Well alright. They are launching Marc du Soleil on Saturday from noon- 6p.m. with a limited run of just 400 bottles. Pop by for a taste and to snap one up. [Eaterwire]

GASTOWN— Last Year's Chinatown Night Market heroes, Winner Winner are back with a new pop-up event; Film Feast which will pair an "appetite-inducing movie with impassioned food". The movie is Tampopo, which is all about the quest for the perfect bowl of ramen - a quest that is all too familiar to most Vancouverites. Yash and Winner Winner will be serving up a duck ramen dinner with nori popcorn and butter mochi cakes. Tickets for the event on April 10 at the Lost and Found Cafe are $35. [Eaterwire]

Secret Location

1 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2H9 604-685-0090