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Want to Make Alexandra Gill Happy? Feed her Mexican Food up a Mountain

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Photo via Mexican Corner

Another Whistler review from Alexandra Gill and the mountain air really does seem to bring out her softer side as she swoons over Mexican Corner, declaring it 'a niche worth visiting.' A 12-hour-steamed lamb 'darkly marinated with pasilla and guajillo chili peppers' is one the the 'most deliciously authentic Mexican dishes to be found north of the Peace Arch border' and a cactus salad which 'looks so simple, but comes together in an exquisite balance of smooth, crunch, spice and tang' are on her highlights list. But as ever, all is not perfection, this time a 'sombrero-hatted hombre outside the front door' causes consternation, but she gamely battles on and overall awards the Mexican Corner 3/4.
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