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UPDATED: Moxie's Tops Metro Vancouver's Dirtiest Eateries Report

CBC journalist Erica Johnson filed a report this weekend on Metro Vancouver's dirtiest eateries, which showed that Moxie's racked up more major health violations than any other chain. The CBC report looked at 5000 inspections across 13 fast-food chains, coffee shops and family restaurant chains. In the report, undercover footage at Moxie's on W Georgia and Davie show filthy floors, fly infestations in the sinks and no hot water.
In the report, Domenic Losito, a Vancouver Health Inspector for 36 years who retired after the Olympics, says about the footage shot at Moxies:

I would have walked in, walked back out and filed a closure notice right away.

Eater contacted Moxie's for a comment but did not get a reply.
UPDATE: This CBC blog has a statement from Moxie's VP of Marketing who quotes Moxie's President Laurids Skaarup:
"Any and all concerns that health authorities have had about our restaurants have always been corrected."
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