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Vancouver's First Cat Cafe is Asking for $50K on Indiegogo

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A crowd-funding campaign to raise money for Vancouver's first Cat Cafe—the Catfe—has been launched by Michelle Furbacher with the goal of finding $50,000. What's on offer to entice you to part with your hard-earned cash? Well, $150 buys you a one-hour photo session for you and your kittie or perhaps you'd rather go for the immortality of a cat-shaped plaque with your name on for the wall of donors? Feeling broke? For just $15 you can be the proud owner of some Catfe buttons and stickers.
For those doubting that a Cat Cafe could ever get a permit in a city that won't even allow dogs to sit on patios, the Catfe folks are keen to assure you that "no one handling the cats or cleaning a litter box will ever be involved in food prep or handling in any way." Which is nice.

In fact, it seems that there will be very little cafe in the Catfe or indeed cats in the cafe:

To comply with food safety regulations, the building will be split into two separate spaces: the cafe area, and the cat area. Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed that as long as the cafe and the kitty lounge have separate entrances, and a wall completely separating the two spaces, we are good to go.
So that's a cafe that's next door to a room with cats in. But oh, such cats; all of them will be up for adoption via VOKRA. With $1160 raised and 53 days left, perhaps this Catfe might not be such a fur-brained scheme. Watch this space for more.
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