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Lime News; Jeans Day Barbecue

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Photo via Tap and Barrel Convention Centre

LIME PIMP NEWS— Gringo's Christina Cottell is single-handedly battling the lime price hike with a hot lime connection: "To all my restaurant/industry friends... I got a line on cheap LIMES! Small Persians, good for juicing, 40 lb box (approx 330 ct) for $110. Getting about 7/8 oz of juice per lime. PM me if you want! (I'm a lime pimp...)" [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— Head to the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza tomorrow for a fund-raising Jeans Day $10 lunch between 11.30a.m. - 1.30p.m. from GLOWBAL chefs who will be on barbecue duties. On offer, a porchetta sandwich or roast veg wrap with a choice of sides. Proceeds from each lunch go towards supporting the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. [Eaterwire]


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