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No Canadians in World's 50 Best Restaurants: Chef Hawksworth Points Out Canada on Map to Judges

Photo via Hawksworth Restaurant

You have to love Awards Season; if only for the rage-tweeting. In London today the World's 50 Best Restaurants was announced with not one entry from Canada. One of Vancouver's finest, chef David Hawksworth was clearly not impressed, taking to Twitter, first to RT Toronto's Chef Grant Soto "Everyone knows @TheWorlds50Best restaurant list is racist against Canadians.#worlds50best""
and then adding:

Alas, it turns out that the World's Best critics don't like, er, a critic.

Possibly realising that, hey - maybe the judges aren't ignoring Canada, maybe they just plain don't know where it is, Chef Hawksworth then tweeted a link to Canada's Wikipedia page, tagged 'just in case'.
More peevish chef tweeting, please. And yes - where ARE the Canadians on that list?
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